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About Us

Simply Restored Surfaces has two goals. To make your grout, tile or stone look brand new again and to keep them looking that way. At SRS we use high grade stains that are made to saturate down into your grout pores, filling them from the inside out and drying extremly hard. The reason we use high grade concrete stains instead of the grout paints and epoxies is becuase paints and epoxies are too thick. They stay on the surface instead of absorbing in resulting in a lot of peeling and chipping issues. Grout is a by-product of concrete and concrete stain is made for indoor/outdoor use and designed to hold up against all kinds of elements. In addition to the staining process we also apply a top coat of sealer for longevity. This system will give you years of perfect stain-proof grout.


Simply Restored Surfaces also has the right cleaning machines for your job. From hand brushing to our commercial grade, high pressure, cleaners/extractors; SRS has the right system for you!


SRS also carries a c54 contractors license. This means we are fully insured and licensed to offer tile replacments so long as you can provide the replacement tile.


The main purpose of SRS is to give you the option of new without the mess, or expenses of remodeling. Call for a free in home estimate or for more information!

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